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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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bay area right now. hitting the roadways. heaviest in the north bay. you can see the areas getting hit hard. red wood highway. you see, it is wet. and there is ponding on the roadways right now. your afternoon commute is getting dicey. what is going on in the santa cruz mountains. heavy rain squalls in the area. here is one i have been tracking. we are getting heavier rain. the timing, 18 minutes to woodicide. heavy rain right now -- woodside. heavy rain right now. i will have more weather when i come back and there is another storm. the timing when we come back.
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>> if you are driving tonight, slow down. sheer why. watch -- here is why. watch. as traffic slows down he skidded to a stop. fortunately he didn't hit the car but you saw the break smoke there. >> and here is another look at the evening commute. this time in the south bay. the rain is pounding the pavement. ktvu's sal castaneda is keeping an eye on traffic problems for us tonight. >> there a lot of them -- there are a lot of them. just getting down the peninsula, or driving down to san jose. these are the busiest commutes here. contra costa county, eastbound 24 is slow. so is 680 and slow traffic on highway 4. double the amount of time. people are slowing down. we had a lot of fender benders
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but not a lot of serious accidents. eastbound interstate 88. you can see what you are dealing with here. especially on the first day after it hasn't rained for a while. we will see a lot of slow traffic. whenever it is raining at the same time as the commute you got to know it won't be doing well. b.a.r.t. is recovering after earlier problems. b.a.r.t. has major delays. back to you. >> san francisco is bracing for the stormy weather by tackling problem spots that pop up during heavy down pours. ktvu's david stevenson is in union scare and got a look at the flood prevention efforts underway tonight. >> reporter: while people rush to get out of the rain or get out of town there is a lot of work going on to keep the streets flowing with traffic
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instead of rain water. corner by corn, drain by drain. >> getting worse. >> reporter: they rushed to clear the city's 25,000 storm basins ahead of the rain. >> it is coming. it is coming. not yet. [ laughter ] haven't seen the worse part yet. >> reporter: with rain bearing down on rush hour traffic officials are monitoring roads and neighborhoods for flooding. a trouble spot, this block of 17 17th street that forms a flood basin during heavy rain. >> sweep up leaves and concerned about trees because when it rains the soil gets loose and vulinable trees have a chance to -- vulnerable trees have a chance to come down. >> reporter: delays at sfo. >> looks like i will depart
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tomorrow. >> good thing. we need rain. >> i like it when it don't rain. i get more done. and move quicker. h it doesn't rain. >> reporter: with another storm on deck, flooding remains a big concern tonight. they are offering 10 sand bags per households. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the weather is making a mess in oakland. within the past hour a powerful crack. nearby a large tree trashed down -- crashed down on to power lines on east 20th street. pg&e has been notified and working on clearing both of those scenes. in the east bay people are taking advantage of the rain. ktvu's allie rasmus is live
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where some folks are taking steps incase water restrictions become a reality. >> the rain is coming down heavier than it was an hour ago during our last report. when it is coming down like this it cold be easy to forget we are in a drought. they asked customers to reduce water use. the average house uses 250 gallons a day and 40% is used for outdoors for watering lawns and landscaping. they are hoping people will turn off their sprinkler all together for the next several days. this afternoon we met one man collecting and storing rain water. with 33 plastic bins. 500 gallons of rain water to use. >> i have 10 of them. i am using it to store water
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that i am collecting that rups off my -- runs off my roof. >> managers at the nursery say they are stocking more drought resistant plans because customers have been asking for them. they say for anyone in the industry drought is just not good for business. live, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> steady rain fell all day and that was a welcome sight for the rivers and reservoirs. the river looked full. the russian river was flowing higher but still needs more strong storms. >> need four or five more storms to get us to where we were in 1986. >> officials say lake sonoma is
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67%. >> more details on conversation efforts around the bay area. we checked in with water agencies that asked customers to cut back water use. the san francisco public utilities commission asked asked for a 10% reduction. marine asked for 25% reduction and water use is down 17% compared to february last year. east bay mud asked for a 10% reduction. yesterday they told us conversation efforts have already reached 4.3%. the severity of the drought is captured in pictures at lake fulsome. look at these pictures. on the left side a full lake in 2011 when it was at 97% capacity. the picture on the right shows the lake last month at 17%
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capacity. today nasa scientists and water officials discussed satellite monitoring of drought conditions. they will use maps to identify and respond to trouble spots. >> couple of ways we want to use this data and trade into the future is monitor the areas in case there is too much pumping. if the ground subsides too much you collapse. >> there is a plan to fly censors to monitor the snow pack at higher elevations. officials say that will be important for forecasting. and stay with us on our caul cal mobile weather app. live radar and a for-- ktvu mobile weather app, live radar and forecasts. gunman taken down. watch this. all caught on camera. >> at the time my adrenaline
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took over. >> the quick action of two employees that took out this would be gunman. >> the great america station could be no more, why the 49ers are looking to put their stamp on it. >> a live look at the summit, highway 17. we have been showing you the slow commute as drivers face slick roads on the way home. hey! hi! ladies, how are you? let's taste some wine. ♪
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we are on storm watch tonight. you can see the movement of the rain through the bay area. and a live look from highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains where the rain is really coming down. you can see the headlights there. highway 17 is a dangerous stretch of roadway, especially in these conditions. hopefully drivers are taking
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precautions and creating space in between one together. bill will be back with the latest forecast model. continuing coverage on breaking news. look at this picture that was sent to us from police. a car slammed right into home and what is interesting here, police tell us the driver did it on purpose. he also had a woman and two kids in the car at the time and police say even though they think the crash was on purpose the house was picked at random. no one in the house was hurt. ktvu's robert handa is on his way to the scene. a storclerk takes down a -- store clerk takes down a robber and it was caught on camera. you see the man point a gun at the cashier. the clerk grabbed his arm and twisted and that is when
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another clerk steps in and takes him down. >> yeah. i was real nervous. at the time my adrenaline took over. i didn't think twice. i was afraid but i didn't want to die. >> he said the gunman was pleading to be let go and started reaching for his waist, afraid they subdued him till police arrived. the suspect was 50 years old and was arrested and charged with robbery and being a felon in possession of a fire arm. a man hunt is on for three armed men responsible for five robberies. police released surveillance video -- or pictures of the three. investigators say they robbed businesses all in the north oakland area. all three men are believed to be armed and dangerous. the robbers are believed to be
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driving a 2007 dodge with california license plate 6dek551. today a $25,000 reward was offered to catch whoever is putting out poison meatballs. one dog has died and others made sick. in the latest case dozens of meatballs water found. ceo of yelp contributed most of the reward money. levi stadium is getting closer to opening this summer. officials met today to figure out the best strategy for moving the clouds. the committee met for the first time today and ktvu's mike mibach reports the 49ers are looking to stamp their name on it. >> reporter: vta, on the move and ready to grow. >> we put out 20 trains.
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on a game day, 80 cars. >> reporter: 49ers had their stadium and now the organization wants more. it is asking to rename the great america stop. >> why not? >> reporter: do you think the 9ers should rename it? >> no. always been great america. >> they are now considering a policy on naming rights. mean time down the street from the stadium they are building pocket traction, where extra trains could be stored and used before and after events. they also looked into the possibility of telling people to pull out their phones as a ticket. >> you could buy a ticket on your phone or tablet and then hop on the train. >> they are discussing a mobile
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ticket app and bus service. they are also reviewing a strategy to get fans in and out for the super bowl in 2016. >> we are looking at that and we are talking to our peers around the country. >> the first big event a soccer game august 2 with the 49ers preseason to follow. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. a new development over the investigation into the refinery in martinez. the board sent a letter to the ceo of the refinery condemning them for blocking a federal investigation. they want to investigate a acid release that injured two workers back on february 12. the letter says the action taken in preventing authorized investigators from performing their official duties calls into question why they have
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taken this unprecedented action. more now on the breaking news in the south bay. a car crashed into a house. ktvu's robert handa is now at the scene. police are saying this wasn't an accident? >> reporter: that's right. police tell me this was an intentional act. and the person who was driving the car, you saw earlier, a picture of it, that he was driving with a female and two children, they say these are family members. they don't know the relationship but they call them one family. he took that car and was driving and hoowas basically driving that car -- he was basically driving that car in the neighborhood, looking for a house to drive the car into a home. this is the one he picked. you can see this live picture. it is part of a "t"
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intersection. a straight away. police say that is why he ended up at this house. he took the straight away and drove it into this house. it was apparently a house picked at random. police say he was driving at approximately 60 miles per hour when he hit the house and that is why she being charged with attempted murder and he was also driving under the influence of drugs. not alcohol but drugs. he has been taken to the hospital along with the other occupies in the car. all four were injured. he was the most seriously injured. they haven't identified him yet but she somebody police are familiar with from other incidents. when they release his identity it may not be that much of a surprise. reporting live, robert handa,
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ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. now back to bill in the weather center for the latest on the rain coming down. >> yeah. happening right now. rain has been falllish day -- falllish day. -- falling all day. the roadways are a mess. we have live traffic there. lots of reds. barely moving. you have heavy rain. this is moderate rainfall. wan way 101. ponding. we have heavy rain across 280 now. we put a track on this. moving. woodside, heavy rain at times. the entire bay area.
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different from the last storm that dropped all the rain in the north bay and little in the south bay. we got two systems. number one is here. right now. just sitting on top of us. look for a chance of a thunderstorm in the next few hours. thursday marked by scattered showers. wet roadways. need the umbrellas. sun pops out and friday deal, storm number two, less rain but perhaps stronger winds. we have seen strong winds. winds will pick up friday. 10:00 p.m. tonight, scattered showers. still have pockets of heavy rain. then tomorrow morning, scattered showers. sheer your thursday. right -- here is your thursday. right? thursday afternoon. scattered showers and more clouds. clouds, this is friday's system, storm number two. it will bring in easily another
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half inch to inch of rain. two storm totals. as you get into santa rosa, 2- 1/2 inches. coastal hills, 4 inches. inch-1/2 in concord -- inch and a half in concord. good winter storm for this time of year. exactly what you expect. sheer your break day. more rain tonight and then breaks off. tomorrow, wet on the morning commute and then friday, friday morning commute looks wet. like what we are experiencing now. less rain friday morning but wind and rain. saturday a chance of scattered showers and sunday clears out again. good stuff. exactly what we need. we are getting it. it is -- we need the rain. great. exactly what you want. break on thursday but you don't want theme hit on the afternoon
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commute -- them to hit on the afternoon commute. >> thank you. it is the first day of cactus league for major league baseball and the san francisco giants takes the field against had oakland a's. sports is next.
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as we were going to break we were joking about how it was pouring and we are talking about spring training. >> not in arizona. baseball weather. giants open up against the a's. they get the best of things. first inning. he lit up for four runs. although bad defense right there by hunter pence turns the hit into more than just a single. another run in. watch this. the opposite of bad defense. michael morris, first day of the cactus league and josh redick absolutely sensational to rob him of a home run. 10-5 the a's get the best of the san francisco giants. >> mean time the warriors on the road. second game of the big trip
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back east. in chicago. and it is not going their way. o'neal helps the warriors build up a brief lead in the 1st quarter. they were up 3 after one. a familiar name, mike dunleavy working the baseline. it is 56-45 come halftime. >> speaking of half-court, last night the nuggets' mascot. rocky. behind his back he throws that thing right in. i doubt if he won trip or a car. that is the sporting life for right now. finally tomorrow the sharks will be back -- [ talking at the same time ] >> love that attitude of the mascot. >> what do you expect. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. coming up tonight at 10:00
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p.m. live in the sierra, all the rain turning to snow up there, will it measure in the inches or the feet and will it make a difference. >> we are always here for you on, facebook and twitter and our new weather app. >> yeah. check it out. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you for joining us tonight. see you later on tonight. >> good night. telephone rings ]
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